London – 28/04/2020. Gurashop Studio recently published the Official Teaser for their upcoming action-adventure game developed explicitly for VR. Rinlo features the use of complex puzzles, enthralling characters and the exploration of a steampunk dystopia, giving players the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in a story like no other.

Join Agatha as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime. An unexpected letter from a place she thought was lost to her past, casts her on an epic quest. Players will guide Agatha as she defeats enemies using her creative skills for crafting weapons and distracting devices. Alongside this, players will solve intricate puzzles to help Agatha complete her mission and uncover the truth.

Rinlo’s gameplay features a third person view of the action, creating a sense of scale and depth. With infinite points of view, it creates a “superior” experience from the classic platform game dynamics. Players will guide Agatha through the world of Rinlo using their VR controllers. They will have a full range of actions for movement, combat and crafting.

This new adventure is set to be released on Steam as an Early Access form on 23rd of June 2020, with full release later this year. For the latest updates, screenshots and videos about the game, follow Rinlo at:

Steam Page:





About Gurashop

Gurashop Studio is a game developer based in the UK and Spain. Established in 2016 it has produced a wide range of titles such as RideOp: Thrill Ride Simulator, Only After and Behind The Memory among others. For more information please visit Gurashop Studio’s website:

For more information and resources please visit Rinlo’s presskit.

Source: Indie DB