🌲🌳 Dynamic: a constantly changing sandbox world full of secrets to explore

🧙‍♂️ No restrictions: no classes or levels

⚔️ ☄️Skill-based combat system: Combat system is fully action-based, and players can collect skills and create builds like building decks on trading card games, so even discovering several skills, it’s only possible to equip a limited number of them at a time

🗡️🛡️ Create your character as you play: proficiencies improve dynamically as the player uses them, not by assigning skill points

🏡 Build!: a complete building system capable of creating from small cottages to entire cities

📍 Territorial: players can claim lands as their own, set laws and collect taxes. Then try to keep invading players away

💥 Unforgiving: open PvP and full-loot everywhere. Some places are protected by guards but there is no magical protection, you can still die if you get distracted

🌎🌍🌏A whole unique world: regions hosted on servers across the world that form one single global map

🍃 Freedom: do whatever you want and live your own unique adventure

In-game screenshot

Source: Indie DB