Already one month past of work on my new project Blue Fish, it was a big exercice but finaly the V0.1 are ready and you can try it directly on itch.io/blue-fish or True2d.com !

 Fishing, exploring dungeons, fighting monster fish and solving puzzles! 

 In this adventure and fishing game, explore, fight, solve puzzles and catch all the fish to expose them in your aquarium.                                     

                                                Blue Fish V0.1 are a demo in Html with computer as final target! 

So, what’s up?

  • First version of many mechanics like player movement, dodge, fishing, shop, inventory, big bad fish and more!

  • Three different environments ( tentacle dungeon / lighthouse / snow map)

  • First sound system 

-Trailler V0.1

-Sprites animation

-A lot of new ithems and fishes (i like fish)!

 -And more!

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Source: itch.io