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Fragment’s Moonrise

is an open-world real-time strategy game, emphasizing spellcasting, micromanagement-oriented unit control, dodging, and overall fast-paced gameplay.


Explore a Randomly-Generated Open World

The world is vast, and completely randomly generated. No two Maps are the same, allowing for an even greater replayability experience.

HomeBase 1

Gather Resources and Build an Army

Use discovered resources to build your base and your army, and wage war against the vast enemies of this land. As you explore, you will fight powerful foes and acquire wondrous artifacts. Use these to bolster your army, research new spells, and advance your warriors even further down their class path.


Wage War-

At the heart of Fragment’s Moonrise is waging war against the multitudes of foes of the land.


Never stop moving- movement is key to avoiding attacks from enemies while still striking at them yourself.


Invoke powerful spells to your advantage- there are many different beings at your disposal, each with a multitude of unique spells. Making use of their talents is the only way to come out successful, and to defeat even the strongest of enemies.

Source: Indie DB