As most of you who supported our little beetle breeding experiment will know, progress has been slow for a while. We’ve been itching to finish the game off for a long time and so the original development team has pledged to work together remotely to push it out of Early Access.

The last public game update was April 29/18. Since then, we have:

  • – Unlocked the final two missions on the map: 17&18, including the final game win flyout celebration and Steam Achievement.
  • – All new, streamlined Nest and Beetle Collection UI.
  • – Better hints for attack types in mission set up and in combat.
  • – Updated Beetle Uprising logo.
  • – Improved genetic display UI.
  • – Removed a few unwanted bugs. But left in all the bugs we really wanted.

We’ve also got a fantastic new trailer to celebrate the update featuring plenty of beetle carnage

We’d also like to announce our collaboration with Slug Disco Studios, makers Empires of the Undergrowth (another great insect themed game) who are helping us spread the word about Beetle Uprising. They’re hosting our new forum, and will be handling a lot of our social media from now on so we can concentrate on making changes to the game.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Source: Indie DB