Levelhead, our platformer maker, is available right now – get it on whatever platform you fancy, and build whatever you want! With our CROSSPLATFORMINESS you’ll be able to move your levels-in-progress between any of these platforms and keep playing no matter where you are.

Xbox (+Game Pass)

Nintendo Switch

The Epic Store


The App Store

Google Play (+ Play Pass!)

Your goods, delivered real good

If you missed any of the delicious pre-launch goodies our team whipped up, I saved this list just for you.

Thank you all!

Making games is always a gamble, but with this community behind us we’ve never felt better about pushing the envelope and delivering our goods, real good. Across 7 platforms, 12 languages, and 3 form factors, we hope to bring everyone a few chuckles, some creative expression, and a whole lot of happiness. Come by the community discord chat or drop us a line on Twitter and share your excitement with the Bscotch crew as we cheers to the first truly global launch of a Butterscotch game! 🥂

With a heart that’s ’bout to explode from launch anxiety and happiness,


Butterscotch Shenanigans

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