Hello there!

I hope everybody is doing well in these strange and scary Corona times.
Although it has been quiet the past few weeks around Fromto, this doesn’t mean we have been standing still. On the contrary I would say. We have been working really hard to take the game to the next level. We feel this update is a giant leap forward.

Big changes, new name.
We decided that from the moment of this update ‘Fromto’ will get an entirely new name: ‘Doodle Derby’. We feel that Doodle Derby has more appeal to it and reflects the game better.

vlcsnap 2020 04 24 13h52m20s310

More game for less money.
We lowered the price of the game so all those people, currently sitting at home, can start playing the game right away without any hesitation. If you already own the game, you will get a copy for free. It will be added to your Steam account. So you can give it to a friend and double the fun!

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Here is a summary of the new stuff.
– A new game mode: Tank battle!
-The single player challenges are done.
-General optimization for better performance.
-Pimped multiplayer levels.
-New fancy backgrounds.
-Menus have been updated.
-New ‘ultra noob’ setting to flatten the curve.
-Improvements, additions and changes on multiple track elements.
-Some bug fixes.
-localization update.

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I am super exited for this update and hope you are too.


Source: Indie DB