Dear Paleontologists!

Apart from the excavation and cleaning bones, the next step in creating your own collection of dinosaurs will be the assembly of dinosaur skeleton, which can be displayed in your museum. This task can be adjusted to the player’s skill level and it can become a really difficult and time-consuming challenge!

The game will allow you to choose the difficulty level of this challenge, from the easy level with hints, through medium to hard level without any tips – that will be the most self-reliant challenge in which the player will have to adjust the missing bones.

Easy level with hints – fast and super easy mode dedicated for the youngest players and to the impatient ones 😉

Medium level – a real observation test, complicated 3D puzzle with no hints!

Hard level – difficult and time-consuming challenge, which requires knowledge and intuition, at the same time gives the satisfaction from building the entire skeleton by oneself, dedicated for the paleontology enthusiasts.

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Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

Source: Indie DB