Villains and Heroes

I’m very happy to announce the release of Villains and Heroes, an experimental publication in the form of an interactive fiction. The story is based on a real event: the costume party hosted by multi-billionaire Robert Mercer shortly after the election of Trump, December 2016.

It all starts when you are accidentally invited to the party. As the story unfolds, you try to uncover the identity of the disguised guests –
among who key players in climate change denial and disinformation campaigns, a network of opaquely funded libertarian think tanks and election manipulation – carefully manoeuvring the rooms in the mansion without getting exposed as an uninvited guest.

You hone your bluffing skills and gather poker chips in the hope of winning a luxury prize that might help pay your rent this month, in a secret, one-person mission to infiltrate the 1%.

I hope you enjoy reading & playing!