“My name is Lise and I’m 27. My life is like most people: I’m married, I’ve got a child and a my husband works a lot.

What about me? I’m a novelist. I wrote a book entitled “Listhère”. My psychiatrist  advised me to do this following my car accident beacause this shock made me amnesiac and in his opinion, writing could allow me to have my memories back again.

That’s why I got into this career.

But one strange thing happened once my book was published: every single day was sent to me a mysterious letter telling me that Listhère really exists.

And if it was true?

Could this city help me to find who I really am?

What would you have done if you were me? “

Play as Lise in her quest for an answer and go to Listhère!

Explore this strange city by solving puzzles to progress, make choices based on the “Butterfly Effect” concept and don’t forget to keep an eye on Lise’s anxiety gauge because to much pressure, panic or fear can drive her to death!

You can get the game here: Here

Source: itch.io