The Two Worlds

When playing the game, the player will be moving between both Light & Dark worlds to explore. Another name for the Dark world is Underworld.

To put it simply, the Light world is where you are safe and the Dark world is when you are at your most danger.

The Light World

You will be spending most of your time at the House when in this world.

The House has many secrets for your to discover and explore but there is a sinister side for you to unravel.

The Dark World

When and how you visit the Dark world is a mystery but when it happens, it will be clear to the player that something isn’t right.

You shouldn’t hang around when in this world as there are many things that want you to stay. However, many of the games mysteries lie here and you must explore high and low to find them.

Time is of the essence here because the last thing you want is to be stuck there. So what happens when you start to discover some of the darker secrets of the House?

Welcome to the Underworld

Unfortunately for the player, they will be spending lots of time here. Many of the worlds can be unlocked through determination as well as persistence. The dungeons that you may have seen can only be visited when your are in the Underworld but the risk is worth the effort.

For the first Act of many, the dungeons will only show a hint of what nightmares wait before you. Depending on how you play, or how skilled you are, the game will know and procedurally introduce enemies that counter your play style.

What this means is that every play-through for each player will be different to yours. I hope to share more on this in the future.

Source: Indie DB