Hey everyone!

I’ve just released a grass shader asset for unity! It’s still work in progress, there is a lot more features I am planning to add. The progress as well as plan for future updates can be found here – Trello board. If You are interested, have any suggestions or ideas for improvements hit me up on twitter @Rensei_ or here on itch.io!

Current features are:

  • Wind!
  • Interactivity!
  • View angle bending!
  • Random rotation!
  • Distance Scaling!
  • Dynamic 2 Stage LOD with billboards!
  • Max render distance!
  • Stylized lighting with translucency!
  • Unity fog support!
  • Aura 2 support!

I am also working on an AreaPainter tool, which included in this package allows for easy grass creation.

The asset is available here : https://therensei.itch.io/grand-geo-grass

Source: itch.io