Vault: Tomb of the King is now on Steam with a new Trailer and Free Demo!

Vault: Tomb of the King is a linear story driven action-puzzle dungeon crawling adventure.

Control and switch between three heroes simultaneously in real time. Each hero has their own unique abilities that will help you overcome deadly enemies, puzzles and traps. Powerful new items are unlocked throughout the adventure to improve your heroes.

Vault: Tomb of the King is a blend of action and puzzling, with a large variety of challenging hand crafted dungeons. It’s all held together by a fully narrated story about the mystery of King Allard’s Tomb.

Lightning Traps

Deadly Enemies


Control Three Heroes

Unlock Items

I hope you enjoy the demo and please Wishlist if you would like to support the game and get a notification when it is released.


Source: Indie DB

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