Dear Martians!

Self-sustaining Martian Colony requires constant source of energy. Once you’ve built your first base you have to provide energy access to power your buildings and other facilities.

Electricity is needed to power the equipment and heating system inside the buildings. Of course you also need electricity to have a light inside your buildings. Take greenhouse, for example. In order to grow plants you have to provide light, which is the key element of photosynthesis.

What is more, sustaining life requires you to constantly pump out carbon dioxide that easily accumulates in hermetically closed quarters. Electrical power is everything when it comes to survival on Mars.

Electricity can be generated from solar panels. For energy storage you have to build batteries. During the Martian nights, batteries provide electrical power and keep the whole Colony supplied with electricity. The batteries recharge during the day so the whole process can repeat until you come up with a different method of producing electricity. Solar panels and batteries can be upgraded.

For energy management you have to build transformers that have to be connected to the batteries and the buildings by cables. Once everything is connected properly, all of your buildings in the colony are supplied with electricity. When your colony eventually grows bigger, you’ll need more effective power supplies, but this is the topic for another devlog.

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Best Regards,
Occupy Mars Team

Source: Indie DB