Game Page:

Mr. Cheesy is a Special Project developed in under 72h!  πŸ§€

It is a game made only by one solo developer for the Ludum Dare 46 Game Jam!

Game Mechanics:

Slide down that Cheese Grater and since the theme of  Ludum Dare 46 is “Keep it alive”…try not to end up on that Spaghett! 🍝

  • Move with left/right arrow keys or A/D buttons

Thanks for playing “Mr. Ceesy”  and a vote on the Ludum Dare page would mean the world to me.  πŸ™

Ludum Dare Page:$190298

Stay tuned to watch the full Devlog on my channel!

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Mr. Cheesy

Ludum Dare 46 entry game