Hello everyone!

We’re a small team of game developers from NRU HSE, Moscow. Game Development isn’t our main activity, but we wanted to try ourselves in this sphere.

We named game Vital Music. It’s a basic idea of plot, but also a reference to gameplay. This is a story about a talented musician who lost interest in life, abandoned all business, living day by day from waking up to sleep.

Gameplay is pretty easy, but it’s gonna be a challenge for your ear for music. You’ll try yourself as a composer by completing pieces of music, comparing one melody on different music instruments and other tasks related to the activities of the composer.

Our journey has begun in November and now there are some results. We made a game prototype with a gameplay levels and a few cut scenes. Now we’re working on new levels, turns of the plot and game scenes.

We’ll be really grateful if you’ll try our game. You can try it here: 


Source: itch.io