Hello everyone!

I’m doing game development for a long time but I haven’t actually published any
of my games until now, because I didn’t think they were “polished” enough.

I finally decided to stop hesitating and create a finished game (not a prototype)
in a short time.

Zero Velocity

Developed in less than 48 hours for the Weekly Game Jam #144, Zero
is a 1-bit arcade shooter where you have to defend your ship
from asteroids and collect enough fuel to escape the Black Hole.

Of course, you can’t do a lot in such short time, but surprisingly I was able
to add to the game even more than I initially planned! And it’s not even
considering that it’s the first game that I have developed in LÖVE,
with no prior experience with Lua.

I think this is a complete game that, despite being short, presents enough
challenge to the player and keeps you entertained (which really is all a game
needs to do).

I’m not ending it here of course! Now that I don’t have any time constraints, I
can figure out everything I didn’t have time for and add more stuff to the
game! In fact, you can help me with that if you want, because I made the game
open-source! But I personally need a little break for now, since I
haven’t slept a lot doing this game. 😉

Source: itch.io