3D Point and Click Adventure(hybrid)

Investigate a crime scene as Detective James while fighting dementia.

It is not going to be a normal investigation!

  • Story –

You are playing as Detective James, who suffers from dementia, yet his persistence in keeping a clean profile in his work has forced him to hide the truth so he does not lose his job. The Police Chief is at the scene of the murder at the moment, finding that the wanted thief commits for the first time a first-degree murder leaving his signature sign next to the corpse.

Your mission is to go and investigate the area in order to find clues that can lead you to the unknown identity of the mysterious thief. Will it be an ordinary investigation?

  • Dev Message –

This is an early demo. Events and scenes may differ in the final form. Your feedback and your share to the world is important for the future of this game. Your care for the game will give me a chance to get an attention from a publisher and finally complete my dream and get this game out there for all of you.

Source: itch.io