Circle Empires Rivals is now available!

The long-awaited release of Circle Empires’ sequel, Circle Empires Rivals, is out on Steam in all its glory! Gather your friends, build your armies, and take the circles that are rightfully yours in this fast paced RTS.

What’s new in Circle Empires Rivals?
Well the most requested feature, multiplayer, is now here! Play with your friends in co-op, or face them as bitter rivals in PvP across multiple game modes.

But that’s not all! Here’s just a few features you can expect in Circle Empires Rivals:

  • 20 different circle biomes, from dry deserts to scary swamps!
  • Over 300+ units, buildings, and level-ups!
  • 30 Faction leaders, each with unique bonuses or special troops!
  • A huge range of difficulty options, and advanced settings to tweak everything to your liking!
  • 6 different game modes, including ones unique to the RTS genre — like the Roguelike and Stop the Army modes!
  • Units and structures keep gaining stats even after hitting their ‘max’ level, all the way up to bonus level 99! Turn your wizard into an army-destroying archwizard with a new look to boot.
CE vs CER 6 logos

But wait, there’s more!
You can find Circle Empire Rivals in the steam store from today onwards for $14.99, with a 10% discount during the launch week. Of course, we wanted to add a little extra for our veteran players who own the original Circle Empires, so there will be an additional 15% off bundle deal ON TOP of that!

Source: Indie DB