Hi everyone! I am super happy and proud to announce the launch of our first game ever: Jumping Gerbils!

Jumping Gerbils is a challenging endless platformer about a gerbil who is fighting to restore his destroyed world. It is a short, simple game with infinite replayability, a 4-directional platform movement system,  cute art, and a charming story that unfolds the longer you survive!

No upgrades, no power-ups, no items … If you want to advance, you will need to rely purely on your platforming skills!

Currently available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems!

Game download: https://bitpokit.itch.io/jumping-gerbils

Official Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/bitpokit-games

Follow us: https://twitter.com/BitPokit


Q: How was this game made?

A: This game was made almost entirely by a solo developer over a course of 6+ months using Construct 3.

Q: Is this game really free?

A: Yes, really! No up front cost, ads, or in-app purchases! And no this is not a demo, it’s the full game! Donations are welcome!

Q: Why is it free?

A: The lead developer’s goal when making this game was to challenge himself to finish something, not to make profit. Of course, he hopes that one day he can make a living doing what he loves most—making games!

Q: If I donate, how will the money be spent?

A: Any donations will be used to finance updates to this game and future projects (which we have a LOT of!)

Q: Is there a mobile version?

A: Not yet! But we are working on a mobile release that will have added features and content! You can keep tabs on our progress by signing up for our free newsletter: https://bitpokit.com/

All feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Source: itch.io