This probably won’t gain any traction, but no matter.

I recently made a game!
I’m an absolute amateur, and it’s my first creation whatsoever.
I took four months learning to make games and programming, and afterwards I started working on Prisoner of War out of pure interest. It sort of became my favourite project.
I made it through the studio game engine known as the GameMaker.

And today is a special day! I posted it on, as my first and perhaps only game.

Yes, you do need to purchase the game, however, it’s definitely worth it. Not only for your own enjoyment, but also, I plan on having all the earnings from the game donated to Save the Children, a humanitarian organization dedicated to children all around the world. They have done a lot of work in aiding Coronavirus victims. According to Save the Children’s website, due to the Coronavirus, many children have been left without caregivers, at risk of violence and exploitation, and not able to attend school. Therefore, not only will you be accomplishing your mission to escape your enemy’s base, but aiding the real world face their own battles.

Get your technics ready, and complete the mission to defeat each different enemy!

If you are interested in my game, please click the link here: