Greetings, Comrade Francis River.

The Union of People’s Orange Communes (UPOC) congratulates you on being appointed as the mayor of Iron-1.

The Orange Revolution has transformed this once small town into an industrial center with over 50 thousand citizens. The fate and destinies of the people in this city is now squarely in your hands, do not disappoint us.

About the Game

“For the people!” is an acute social novel with strategic elements that puts the player in the shoes of a state official – the newly appointed mayor of Iron-1.

The destiny of Iron-1 is now in your hands and it will be down to you to handle everything from the justice system – it will be you who manages the townspeople’s appeals for justice, to managing the various city departments – who gets funded and who does not is your choice.

But don’t forget, politics is a dirty game and you will need to outwit your cunning opponents. Information is power – but to what lengths will you go to acquire it?

Key Features

  • Develop a taste for power: play fair or become a corrupt politician;
  • Think strategically: distribute resources among the residents to earn their trust and increase your own influence;
  • A constant balancing act: any decision made in-game has its consequences!

With over 5 possible endings, every decision that you make will have a consequence. You will need to balance the interests of the party, the future of the country, and the very livelihood of your citizens.

So, whose side will you really be on?

A Look at the Game

As the mayor, the people will turn to you – but it is up to you who gets help. Are some jobs beneath you, or are you a mayor for everyone?

Citizen Requests

Your office is your base of operations where you will be called by the various departments to make the important decisions.


Helen Rosie is your ever-reliable secretary who has high hopes for you. Do not let her down.

Help is at hand

For the People is currently in development and can be added to your Steam wishlist today!

Source: Indie DB