I created a game called Out Or Dead where players can walk naturally through a VR world that is a mixture of hand-crafted rooms and procedurally generated ones. The game will automatically adapt to the available play-space. The amazing fact is that there is no teleportation. One can walk around the world naturally through labyrinths and other rooms and the world will evolve around you without you noticing it unfolding. 

Check it out: https://rwetzold.itch.io/out-or-dead

I utilize impossible spaces with non-Euclidean geometry to make that happen. It is really hard to describe without seeing it but once you experienced it you will always feel a bit awkward to go back to teleportation or stick movement. It just doesn’t feel natural anymore.

This is an early state of the game but quite enjoyable already I think. I’d love to hear your feedback and comments! 

Source: itch.io