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Welcome to the Craftlands Workshoppe Dev Blog! If you’re not already playing the beta, what are you doing here?! Join the Discord, head to the #announcements channel and react with the green tick emoji to be sent your code. This blog will still be here when you’re done playing, we promise, but the beta only runs from 9 – 14 April, and there are limited Steam codes, so hurry up!

With that, I’ll pass you over to Arvydas himself, for part 1 of this first dev blog!

Craftlands Workshoppe Dev Blog #1 – Part 1

Written by Arvydas Žemaitis, developer of Craftlands Workshoppe

Hello past and current keepers! I am very happy to welcome you all to my next adventure which is Craftlands Workshoppe. A new management game in which you tackle a derelict workshoppe which was left for you by your master. Your daily tasks include creating a variety of goods ranging from weapons to barbecue ribs, and everything in between.

You’ll also be able to hire a workforce to mass produce your mastered goods – the best way to fill up deliveries to a few specific locations around the world to progress trough the game. This time around you’ll be placed in the middle of a plan to unlock a portal to another dimension which holds power that the big baddy thirsts for. A tale of dimensions, portals, the blind seeing the truth, betrayal and redemption.

I feel a responsibility by having an audience to mention the current situation in our world. I am personally from a small country called Lithuania, and we are currently in our third week of quarantine, with everything being shut down. The present might feel bleak, but we all will persevere and overcome this challenge. Keep looking to the bright future, and do your part, stay at home, wash your hands, and we will not have this as our fashion sense.

Together with our lovely publisher’s PR mastermind James, I will be trying my best to write regular blog posts to keep you up to date with development leading to the Early Access launch. Maybe we will be carrying that on post launch, but currently we have a system in-game which will outline the latest changes.

In my personal dedication of transparency, I believe these posts should offer a good insight on my work towards making the game as best as it could be – I am not making this for myself, it is for you the players. Aside from the blog, I will be personally available on the Steam forums and Discord daily to talk to you all about how much you like or hate the game and decisions, and hopefully we can find a good alternative with which we are all happy. I enjoy our community deeply and want to provide the best possible game.

Let’s begin with work done last week leading up to the BETA, and the next blog will be work done since the BETA, so you all can easily keep track of development.

Dialogue UI

There have been 4 different variations of the character dialog UI so far. Take a look at the most recent! I am aiming for a good experience with a controller, but also of course with a mouse for accessibility reasons and making sure everyone can be comfortable in the game. For god’s sake, I have 6 different movement styles you can pick in the settings!


Workers are an invaluable tool in your arsenal as a Workshoppe keeper. The ability to change their names has been implemented. Previously all workers were just half naked bald men – now each have their own look, with varying skin colours, hair styles and hair colours. As they make more and more goods for you, they level up, allowing you to upgrade their speed, maximum goods made and even making them specialists in craft types decreasing cost per made good and increase the speed of making specific goods.


I am creating a world that ties neatly together – call it lore. Who’s to say that there’s not a dimension in the game where we can find our beloved Shop Keepers? Some kind of modern civilisation? Maybe tentacle land as well? There are portals everywhere, most inactive. To explain more about this we introduced our resident researcher Kiki into the town hall to explain more about the inner workings of the world and portals around it.


And that’s it for part 1 of this first Craftlands Workshoppe dev blog! Look out for part 2 very soon!

Remember to add the game to your Steam wishlist if you haven’t already, and we’ll see you again soon for more behind the scenes goodness.

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