Why did we ever decide to take this trip? Our map seemed to indicate that this way would be the shortcut but it has placed us out in the middle of nowhere. Jon said he was going to check out the mansion to see if anyone could help us, but what’s taking him so long?

Follow Timothy on his perilous journey through the pits of hell! Will he succumb to the darkness or make it out alive?

A stealth horror experience

Carefully plan your next move as bloodthirsty enemies roam the hallways, but don’t take too long, since you might just lose your mind doing so. Utilize your new found powers to escape your seemingly hopeless situation, and harness the power of the foes that hunt you for your own gain as you venture further into chaos.

Available Languages:

  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified) | (WIP)


  • Stealth gameplay
  • Reactive AI
  • Metamorphosis Centered Puzzle Solving

Download Link:

MORFOSI by Unidot Studio


This game contains disturbing imagery and intense situations.

Source: itch.io