Incrementally mine and evolve your planet as guardian

You’ve been assigned guardian of a rogue planet formed billions of years ago. From common and rare resources around the universe, the planet has everything you need to guide it through evolution. 

Epoch Resources is an idle, incremental, and clicker game all in one!

  • Collect dozens of useful common and rare resources. Use your resources to build and progress the evolution of your planet.
  • Tap your fingers as a pickaxe to manually mine resources from the planet. Tap fast enough and stir up a storm!
  • Build mines to automate resource gathering. Mines allow your planet to idle and work for you.
  • Upgrade your mines, planet areas, power ups, and more, using the resources you’ve discovered.
  • Immerse yourself through 3D graphics and augmented reality in the controlled chaos.

Ascend your planet through the geologic epochs of your planet. Discover new resources along the way and build mines to automate the gathering of these resources.

Can you reach planetary enlightenment?!