New to, just learned about this board.  I’m having some trouble trying to promote my game, so I decided to try this community even though this game is been out for a few days.

Anyway, Until It’s Undone is text adventure-esque game with a surreal horror theme . 

During the game, you have to solve weird puzzles and minigames so you can leave a strange rural town. There are also some hidden events that reveal some hints about the lore.

The game’s horror aspect is based on atmosphere, there aren’t any jumpscares. Just tense music, strange places and stranger residents.

That’s pretty much it, it’s not a really big game. I would like to get more feedback about it, the few people that played it/saw a gameplay a Youtuber made seemed to like it, but the game doesn’t perform really well in terms of popularity when compared to the rest of horror game’s in this page.

End of self-promotion, thanks for your time.