Description Beyond The Mist is a 20,000-word interactive romance novella by Morgan Vane, where your choices control the story. It is entirely text-based, and it includes explicit scenes that can, of course, be skipped, as well as horror elements.


You are a young woman adrift in life, suffocating under the yolk of your oppressive parents. Feeling out of sync with the rest of the world, you are looking for something to make you feel alive.

And you find it in the form of a long lost city, calling out to you across space and time. Something is beckoning underneath the ancient city’s glimmering white tiles, something old and powerful. Someone.

Will you resist the call beyond the veil and the promise of belonging it brings, or will you let yourself go and embrace the path destiny has set before you?

The choice is yours. Magnustor is waiting for you.


  • One romance option that can either be male or female.
  • 4 different endings.
  • It is set in the same universe as The Soul Stone War, another interactive fiction game released by the same author, the first of a planned series.
  • This story has ties to the main Soul Stone War plot, but they are not obvious! You will have to figure out the clues yourselves ­čśĆ


This books contains adult themes, depictions of sexual acts, and it mentions/describes various frowned upon practices, aka cannibalism. Reader discretion is advised.

Here is the link to the game: