Doctor Heinrich Von Bach was the nineteenth-century scientist resurrected from the dead by his own ungodly invention. At least that’s the story Hollywood told when they got hold of the gothic romance novel written about the good doctor. For a hundred years they’ve made as many films based on the bloody life and undeath of Von Bach.

Today, a major studio is finishing a big budget “Von Bach” movie. But suddenly, the real Von Bach returns to life in Hollywood and he is going to teach the cast and crew the true meaning of “development hell.”

VON BACH! Greater than the power of life! Greater than the power of love! He possessed the greatest power of all! SUBPOENA POWER!

Playwright Owen Hammer has adapted the play for the comics medium and versatile artists Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera will be bringing his vision to life.

“Von Bach” is a satire that pokes fun at pop culture and society in general. Nonetheless, there is a powerful story about the search for meaning and the struggle for one’s own dignity. And of course, some genuine scares!

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