The Love Hues! page is now live!

The full version of Love Hues! can now be added to your collections right here on itch, at!  You can’t buy it just yet, but it will go live on Saturday at 11 AM EST. The game will be 20% off for 48 hours after launch!


Love Hues! is a university-based visual novel packed with both character and world secrets. You’ll be playing as Skyler (the player character has a changeable name and pronouns) and navigate your first few months at Falls West University, where you’ll meet 5 romanceable – or befriendable! – characters who hide certain truths about themselves and the world around them. You will need to earn their trust to move forward together.

Certain choices in routes will add new scenes to other routes you’ve already experienced or will unlock secret content. Learn as much as you can about Falls’ true origins by exploring the game from every angle, and see if you can understand what everyone means when they whisper the Curiosity’s name…

  • 228,000+ words
  • Platonic and romantic routes – pick what fits best for you!
  • 41 unique endings
  • Choose between 3 sets of pronouns and two main character appearances; the five unique main characters are romanceable regardless of your choice!
  • 32+ CGs
  • New scenes that unlock as you finish (in some cases, specific) endings
  • And plenty of secrets!

…Love Hues! might be the perfect game for you!