What happened to us? Last year, we signed a contract with a publisher, got funding, and work went on much quicker. By the end of the development, the team’s and the publisher’s visions on the release game quality parted. We were eager to finish the combat system. So we decided to break up peacefully (we cannot say who the publisher was due to the agreement). Further development continued with our own financing. We thought the game would be ready in time, but the release date changed.

In a word, I apologize to all you guys who really looked forward to our game. Sorry, friends. Planning was incorrect. BUT.

The game continues to be developed in full force.

What changed?

• Graphics changed

• New jobs management mechanics

• New storage system

• New mined resources (10)

• Construction of the stockade perimeter

• Detailed first gameplay level: the player starts with primitive workbenches and straw sleeping mats

• Detailed production and animations

• New perks for the jobs development

• Changed GUI

• Save system

• Added clothing

• Growing darkness level, spawning lairs and monsters, their mutations

• New monsters (Nightmares and Titan Wilkolaks)

• Procedural generation of the world and weather.

  • Hero mode was postponed. Now we are repairing it.

(and lots of minor updates)

Watch new alpha trailer below! =)

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