Hi everyone (Gabriel here)! First of all, I apologize for my bad english, but I’m sure you’re gonna understand me.

I’m part of Cat Crate Games, an indie game dev studio that currently is working on a RTS game called Land Crisis.

Land Crisis is strongly inspired by Age of Empires Series. When players have their first experience with the game, they will notice that, but we are putting effort to implement other good/new RTS mechanics to the game.

So, I think it’d better if I point our different mechanics/features. First of all, Land Crisis has pixel art style, with ¾ perspective (famous RPG perspective). It is about a fictitious world with fantastic elements. Dragons, giants, wizards, necromancers, fictitious civilizations… We think that merging RTS world with RPG world would be an exciting mix.

Land Crisis counts with 6 civilizations, 44 units, 24 buildings and 70 upgrade researches. The resources are food, wood, iron and clay. Each civilization has its own tech-tree. Here are some mechanics I would like to stress:

  • A day/night/rain/snow system with effects on gameplay
  • A breeding cattle system
  • Four Eras: shofar era, lira era, lute era and harpsichord era.
  • A marketing system that works based on global resources scarcity
  • Artifacts that gives players special advantages
  • Renewable Resources
  • Ranked multiplayer

The alpha version must be released in the last week of April or first week of May. It will feature just some basic single player stuff, but enough to have a solid first contact with the game. The first beta version we hope to feature a full single player. For the last versions of beta, a multiplayer mode. The final – and complete – version has no foreseen date, sorry, but we’re working to finish it in the begging of 2021.

Well, I would love to hear your impressions about the project.

You can join us on our social medias to go along with the dev news! We make constant announcements.

Itchio: https://geogab2.itch.io/land-crisis

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/landcrisis

Facebook: https://facebook.com/catcrategames

Discord: https://discord.gg/HyZBzFG

Twitter: https://twitter.com/crate_cat

Source: itch.io