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Story: Cometia, a world ruled by eight different nations.

The royal kingdom of Pinkleo.

The magical forest of Greenwood, home of the elves and mages.

The southern tropical seaside corner of Blueon.

The enduring Yellow Valley, home of the hard-working dwarves.

The cold icecap lands of Cyania, home of many humanoid animal-like races.

The peaceful highlands of Mount Orangenesis.

The mysterious northern island of Violeton.

And the adaptable citizens of the island of Redopolis.

However, one unknown nation, known as the Darkstorm Empire, favoured war and chaos being brought throughout the land. Their ruler, Emperor Vladimir, wishes for Cometia to fall into total darkness once all the threats to his armies have been eliminated.

However, there are legends about a team of eight heroes from each nation joining together to fight against the forces of darkness, called the Nova Champions.

Are the legends about these heroes true? If they are, will they stop the Darkstorm Empire’s tyranny?

Currently, a Prototype Demo was created. The final version is still under development.