Hey Everyone, we released our little city builder game recently and wanted to share it here.

In it you can create a flourishing little mouse colony, by managing mouse behaviour and crafting several buildings. If you do a mice… err nice job, they will build you a monument.We wanted to keep our scope very minimal, as this game was created for a game jam situation.

You can check it out here on the itch-site: The Mice Guys

Here’s a little video showcasing the gameplay:


  • Place Buildings on grass-less patches, by dragging them from the menu bar on the right onto your play-area. Start with the trees/wood.
  • Mice gather resources from structures you build and by interacting/bumping into each other
  • Gather the necessary resources to build more structures and upgrade your mice
  • You can change their role anytime aslong as you have apples and enough happiness/solidarity
  • Different mice collect different resources and behave differently, so choose wisely which roles you assign.

You need to assign different behaviours/skins to the mice (you find these in the right corner of the menu, just drag them onto  any mouse on the play-area)

The strong mouse with the blue shirt collects building materials like wood, stone
The lover mouse with the heart well lets say they sometimes let your population grow šŸ˜‰
Normal mice collect food, so be careful of how many mice you change to strong-mice or lovers

When mice bump into each other they interact and combine items. For example: two times wood makes fire, with fire you can build more houses, etc.

We also fixed the dragging-bug in v0.6 and you can now easily end the game by pressing Escape.

Hope you have fun and let us know what you think.

Best wishes from Berlin.

Source: itch.io