Ive been participating in a game jam called Persistent Roguelike Jam and my Entry is called Bulletfield (working title). Its a top-down roguel ike bullethell where you play as a randomly generated soldier who fights waves of monsters while gaining random upgrades or downgrades each wave.

This is the first time ive done a game jam and actually want to keep working on the game afterwards, so im excited to see what feedback you have for me, what things you think should be added to the game, and what things isnt as good as it should be.

Feel free to give the game a fair rating when youve played it, you can even give it a rating within specific categories of the Game Jam as its completely public.

If you liked the game or even if you didnt, please share the game with friends who also likes to test new indie games, I would like as much feedback as possible before I decide on what to do next. Thank you!

Click here for Game Page

Source: itch.io