By: Rémi Verschelde Dec 12, 2019

Every year Godot contributors and users meet at various conferences and events. The biggest one is usually the GodotCon that takes place at the beginning of February in Brussels. During 6 days, there is a Godot development sprint, a Godot conference and finally FOSDEM, one of the biggest open source meetups in Europe. See details and register if you want to join us!

To mark the occasion, we print a new T-shirt design each year. During GodotCon and at our stand in FOSDEM, we sell the T-shirts to raise some funds for the project. As February is approaching, it is time to choose this year’s T-shirt design, and we decided to change things a bit this year. Instead of coming up with something among the core contributors, we want to make this a community effort.

We are starting a call for content to all artists, designers, and users in general that would like to contribute with a design or idea for this year’s shirt. If you ever wanted to contribute to the project but never knew how this can be a great opportunity for you. You can use all the resources in the Godot design repository, but the icons and logos should be used without major modifications.

Sketches, drafts, and ideas are welcome, but final designs are preferable. If you have a really good idea, you can share it on Twitter using the #GodotEngine hashtag and maybe someone loves it and wants to implement it!

You can see examples from the past three years in this post’s banner image (A3 print on T-shirts with color close to the background colors on the previews). As you can see, the first design heavily relied on the brand new node icons that we got at that time, and later designs built on the same idea – but we’re looking for different input and you’re more than welcome to do something unprecedented 🙂


The general requirements for the design are:

  • 5 or fewer colors
  • Front side only
  • In a vector format (SVG preferentially)
  • If you use Godot’s logo in your design, it has to be the current official one with the correct colors. You can find some official resources in the Godot design repository
  • CC-BY 4.0, CC-BY-SA 4.0 or another equally or more permissive license. Learn more about CC licenses
  • You can also propose a base T-shirt color, but that will be dependant on the manufacturer’s availability.

How to submit

You can send your finished proposals to artwork at godotengine·org before December 27th. The email must include:

  • Design(s) in vector format (SVG preferentially)
  • Chosen license
  • Author name and optionally email/URL for attribution

We will keep all the design entries in this gallery so everybody can check them out during the process.

Passed the deadline, core contributors will select the design that they find best represents the project for this year. Some of the other designs will be made available too in a public gallery for those who might want to print their own shirt, mug or to make any kind of derivative work (wallpapers, splash screens, etc.). We’ll announce results and share the gallery on this blog around the turn of the year.

Source: Godot Engine Official