By: Rémi Verschelde Nov 04, 2019

The Godot community now has a Code of Conduct, which applies to all users and contributors on all Godot community platforms, both online and at Godot-related events.

It defines common sense guidelines to ensure that our community platforms are a safe and welcoming environment for all Godot users. By interacting with other participants in the Godot community, you agree to respect the terms of the Code of Conduct.

During the past five years of free and open source, collaborative development, we’ve been blessed with one of the best-behaved online communities that I have been in contact with. The vast majority of users on all our community platforms dearly care both for the Godot project itself, but also for all their fellow participants.

Yet there are occasional outliers, and to properly moderate an ever growing community (more than doubling in size each year) we need a written statement for the de facto guidelines that our moderation teams have applied until now. This will give users a clear overview of our expectations for positive and respectful behavior. Community moderators, who are also participants donating their free time to ensure a safe environment for all users, will therefore be able to back their decisions with common guidelines.

While we agreed many months ago with core contributors to introduce a Code of Conduct to that effect, it took us a while to finally write it down and ensure that it fully describes our values and expectations. As existing documents used by other projects did not fully satisfy our requirements, we finally decided to write our own.

Visit the Code of Conduct page of this website to read the full guidelines.

The page also includes the contact details for the Code of Conduct team and its members, who are in charge of reviewing and acting upon any reports of participants breaching the Code of Conduct.

The document was written by the Godot Project Leadership Committee with help and reviews from various other core contributors and platform moderators.

All community platforms will be updated to refer to the Code of Conduct page in their usage guidelines.

Source: Godot Engine Official