By: Nathan GDquest Jun 07, 2019

We’re starting a series of docs sprints once again to make Godot’s reference and documentation as good as they can be! Together, we can improve everyone’s experience using the engine.

Godot keeps growing at a fast pace. With over 900 contributors at the time of writing, new features and improvements come to the engine every week.

We have to keep up with the documentation so that beginners have the best experience possible learning the program, and so that people keep finding the information they need.

That’s why we are running new documentation sprints! Let’s make the docs even better once again!

Our priorities are to:

  1. Complete the built-in code reference
  2. Find outdated explanations in the reference and in the manual
  3. Edit the reference and the manual to make them clearer and more accessible

The code reference is down to 73% complete at the time of writing. We want to get it as close as possible to 100%.


We can do this together. Back in 2017, in the months leading to the release of Godot 3.0 and with the help of dedicated contributors, we took the reference from 30% to 70% complete in just a few weeks! The manual got its great Getting Started section at that time, with a lot of work from KidsCanCode, among others.

Let’s get started together

Join me for a 4 hours livestream starting on Sunday, June 9, 11PM UTC. The video replay is available below.

How can I participate?

If you want to contribute to the code reference, starting by reading the Contribute to the Class Reference page to learn about the workflow.

I made a complete video tutorial to show you the entire workflow, explain the best practices, and my techniques to be as productive as possible:

Then, you can get started anytime. If you feel like writing the reference straight, check out the Docs writing guidelines, then make sure to check the existing documentation-related issues to see what other contributors reported.

Use this shared document to let everyone know what you’re working on:

If you don’t feel like you can write, you can also create issues with your feedback about parts of the reference that are not clear, so that other writers can fix them. No need to point out empty classes though as we have a tool to find them in the Godot repository.

Hop on the #documentation channel on Discord to get in touch with fellow contributors.

Source: Godot Engine Official