By: Nathan GDquest Jan 18, 2019

After a first successful crowdfunding to create a Godot course in 2017, we are back with a new project in collaboration with the Godot team!

We’re going to create:

  1. Two complementary courses about 2d and 3d game creation, based around a platform/adventure game inspired by Metroidvanias
  2. Two beginner-friendly video series for the official documentation about 2d and 3d
  3. Two Free and Open Source game demos

However, for that, we need your help.

Interested? You can find all the details on the Kickstarter campaign’s page

In short, we are raising 14,000 € to hire Guilherme, Pigdev, and Razvan, to create great tutorials together. And I will keep working alongside them full-time.


This time, we are releasing all our code as Free Software from day one! Both during and after the campaign.

We are also publishing new free tutorials every day during the Kickstarter! So make sure to subscribe to GDquest’s YoUTube channel.


Our Open RPG engine is available for anyone to study, distribute, and reuse freely.

Questions and answers

Who are you and why should I support you?

We’re a small team and company that teaches, uses, and contributes to Free Software. Our ambition is to bring people together to become better game developers and help the projects that we love to grow.

Thanks to the money from the previous Kickstarter, we:

  • Contributed long tutorials to the official manual’s Getting Started guide
  • Released dozens of Free tutorials on our YouTube channel
  • Open sourced all of our Godot projects in 2018 on GDquest’s GitHub
  • Organized 7 Write the Docs events to bring Godot’s built-in reference from 30% to 70% complete before the 3.0 release
  • Created the official demos for pathfinding, grid movement, Finite State Machines
  • Made a presentation and slideshow system in Godot to give talks about the engine, translated in 14 languages!
  • Created an intermediate-level Godot 3 course with over 100 video tutorials


Why not just raise funds for Free content?

Open RPG, the increase in tutorial releases on GDquest, contributions to the official docs, giving talks, everything we shared was made possible by our last crowdfunding campaigns and the courses’ sales.

Unlike other training companies, we produce equal amounts of free and paid content. As our revenue grows, our contributions to Free Software grow as well. This model allows us to stay consistent.

Then the amount we could hope to raise with donations only is way smaller than what we need. People are a lot more likely to support you financially if they get some exclusive content in return. That’s part of the reason why so many Free Software projects struggle to get a budget and people full-time, even when they have tens or hundreds of thousands of users.

Why crowdfunding?

We need the budget to hire Guilherme to work on the course full-time. With some good budget, we can get Razvan and Henrique involved as well, and produce even better content!

I’ve got more questions

If you haven’t already, check the Kickstarter campaign’s page. You will find more details there.

Then, I’m here to help. You can reach me on Twitter, leave comments on YouTube, or come chat with the community on the GDquest Discord server.

Even if you can’t back us, a successful campaign will allow us to create more content for the official documentation, and more Free resources. So please consider sharing the word! It’s essential for us to keep going.

Thank you kindly for your time.

Source: Godot Engine Official