By: Rémi Verschelde Dec 18, 2018

Last month we announced the GodotCon 2019 in Brussels (4-5 Feb 2019), as well as a contributors-focused Godot Sprint (31 Jan & 1 Feb 2019) and our stand at the FOSDEM 2019 (2-3 Feb 2019).

We have a few updates since then:

  • We found a venue for GodotCon and the Godot Sprint: it will be at the Ludus Académie, like last year (Quai du Commerce, 48, 1000 Brussels). Thanks a ton to the Ludus staff and students for generously hosting us another year 🙂
  • Our stand at FOSDEM was confirmed! We’re still waiting on an answer to Juan’s talk proposal.
  • Update: Juan’s main track at FOSDEM was just confirmed! Stay tuned for details.

If you haven’t done so yet, we encourage you to book accommodation in the vicinity of the Ludus Académie (OpenStreetMap). Note that Brussels public transportation network works quite well, so it’s fine if you’re staying a bit further away.

You can still register!
We currently have more than 50 persons registered for GodotCon, and expect more to register until the event, as well as 25 contributors signed up for the Godot Sprint. Both events are going to be a lot of fun 🙂

The next step is to define our line-up of speakers for GodotCon, who will be giving talks, workshops or other activities. That’s where we need you to step up!

We’re interested in any Godot-related topic. It can be a technical presentation of upcoming engine features, a talk about your own Godot project, the tricks you’re using in your workflow, a workshop about a lesser known feature of the engine, etc. Basically, feel free to propose anything that you think could be worth sharing with fellow Godot users.

As an indication, we propose a duration of 20 minutes (+ 5-10 min Q&A) for talks, though you can tell us if you’d prefer less or more time. A 5 min presentation of your game would be welcome, and a 30 min talk or workshop is fine too if the topic is worth it 🙂 Even longer workshops could be imagined (e.g. 1h or 1h30) – we’ll have several rooms so we could run a long workshop in one room while shorter talks happen in another one.

Please send your proposals to remi at godotengine · org, with the following information:

  • Type (talk, workshop, round table, live demo, live tutorial… feel free to think outside the box)
  • Title
  • Abstract (short description of what it will be about)
  • Expected duration

Don’t overthink the above too much, I’d prefer to know ASAP who may give a talk, and we can fill in more details later on.

Note for Godot Sprint attendees: don’t hesitate to also propose talks, workshops, dev discussions, etc. for the Sprint. We’ll have two days to focus on contribution work (engine, documentation, tutorials), and it’s up to all of us to make it a great knowledge-sharing event.

Source: Godot Engine Official