By: Nathan GDquest Nov 05, 2018

Over the past year, I’ve been working on open source demos to help people get the most out of tutorials. I also contributed some to the official Godot demo repositories.

Now I would like to go one step further. Small demos are great at giving you a sense for how some features work, but they can only take you so far: most games are composed of many systems that interact in complex ways. There’s never a single solution on how to structure your code and achieve your creative vision.

That’s why we’re starting to create open game demos at GDquest. We’re going to build larger projects than we did until now, still for educational purposes, and collections of companion tutorials to help you better learn Godot and improve your development and your design skills.

We’ve already open sourced our Zelda-like ARPG demo from our Godot course as a proof-of-concept.


Turn-Based Combat in Godot 3.1

Recently, I started working on a JRPG demo with Godot 3.1 alpha to cover turn-based combat.


And that’s where you come in!

Moving forward, one key idea is to involve you, the community, to get feedback, suggestions, great contributions and code reviews from experienced developers before we start recording tutorials. We want to keep improving the quality of learning material available for Godot.

If you want to join the adventure, please check out the open JRPG project on GitHub! If you want to contribute and get in touch, we have a dedicated channel on the GDquest Discord server.

This is the first project of this kind on GDquest. Please open an issue if anything is not clear on the repository, if we can improve how we communicate around the project, etc.

You can already find two tutorials from this project, funded by our patrons last month:

More videos coming!

Source: Godot Engine Official