By: Max Hilbrunner Oct 26, 2018

Incoming transmission from our awesome community members and Godot Wild Jam hosts at Stern Flowers about the Godot Wild Jam October:

With roughly 170 participants and 31 games submitted, the second Godot Wild Jam was a huge success! We bestowed our winners, DeltaKey and Sklaiser, with the title of Godot Wildling for the next month. We hope someone out there reading this will design a proper crown for them. Our Discord server has grown to 300, and our community is anxious to start the third Godot Wild Jam which will be ongoing from November 9th to the 18th. Be sure to sign up!

Godot Wild Jam Submissions Compilation

After the jam, an enthusiastic supporter went out of his way to make a compilation video of all the game submissions from the second Godot Wild Jam. He was kind enough to share his work and ask us for feedback. Once we agreed on something we all loved, we uploaded it to the Stern Flowers YouTube channel. It’s an awesome feeling to see all these works back to back. If you haven’t had a chance, you should play some of them!

Stern Flowers can’t thank our participants enough for the support and community we have begun building around the Godot Engine. Not only are we impressed with the polish from these game jam submissions, but we are inspired and excited to learn from other game developers.

Again, be sure to sign up for the third Godot Wild Jam! Your submission will be featured in our next compilation video.

You could be the next Godot Wildling.

Thanks for hosting the jam! For more about Stern Flowers and the Godot Wild Jam, see the first blogpost. In other news, Hacktoberfest is still ongoing for a few more days, so if you ever thought about contributing to Godot Engine and Open Source – this is the time to get started!

Source: Godot Engine Official