By: Rémi Verschelde Jun 15, 2018

With a slight delay(1), the Godot Community Game Jam is now starting and we can announce the theme that was elected by the community:


That’s it! The jam starts today (Friday 15 June) at 19:30 UTC and will end on Monday 18 June at 23:59:59 UTC.


The rules are detailed on the jam page, but let’s mention them here too for clarity:

  • The theme can be interpreted freely, but keep in mind that your interpretation should be understandable if you want to get points for it.
  • The game should use Godot Engine 🙂
  • Contestants can partake alone or as a team. Reusing existing code and assets is allowed.
  • Source code under proper open source licenses should be provided for each game


Once the jam ends, everyone with an account will be able to play and rate the games. The categories used for evaluating games will be:

  • Theme interpretation
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics and sound

Those three criteria are averaged into the Overall criterion, which is used to determine the jam winners. The winners in each category will also get their spotlight 🙂


Like many jams, the main purpose of the Godot Jam is to encourage users to actually make games and be proud of their achievement. And like many jams, the main outcome of Godot Jam is exposure \o/ and experience (and a wealth of open source projects to play with and learn from).

But we may have some goodies for the jam winner and category winners, and maybe some more… Stay tuned for a later announcement 🙂

Have fun and good luck!

(1) Reportedly due to some project manager enjoying a leisurely real-life time and completely forgetting that he had to announce the jam theme, only to discover one hour too late the panic that roared on the Discord group in the meantime… But those alternative facts could not be confirmed, and it’s unlikely that an organization as serious as Godot Engine would have a single point of failure for such an event.

Source: Godot Engine Official