By: Nathan GDquest Sep 06, 2017

Update: one month later

After 5 docs sprints, the class reference went up from 35% to 60% complete! We run Write the Docs events every week-end on the #documentation channel on Discord

3 steps to become a Contributor

  1. Read the Contributor’s Guide
  2. Follow the Writer’s Guidelines
  3. Use the shared pad to tell us what you’re working on

Original post

Godot 3’s API reference is only 40% complete. With so many changes since 2.0, we must review classes and their descriptions. The engine can only grow and attract tons of users if it has great docs. And this cannot happen without you.

Next Saturday, on September 9, we’re teaming up with Julian StraTon and Chris, a.k.a. KidsCanCode, for Godot 3.0’s first Docs Sprint!

Godot needs you

Anyone is welcome to give a hand, especially:

  1. Experienced 3d users to focus on 3d. There is no documentation yet.
  2. Seasoned users to contribute to everything related to 2d, the User Interface nodes, the new Audio system…
  3. Native English speakers to review both existing and new descriptions. Make sure they follow the guidelines and they’re clear and precise.

Realtime global illumination in Godot 3.0

Godot 3.0’s 3d API has close to no documentation for now. Let’s write it!

Writing the docs is a rewarding job

Good documentation is as important as new features for any open source project. It’s a rewarding job:

  1. Help thousands of new users to better learn Godot!
  2. Get to learn how to better use the engine, discover tricks and subtleties nobody else knows.
  3. Become a contributor, give back to the project.
  4. Hang out together with the community, get to know fellow contributors better.

You’ll explore Godot’s source code, and understand how experienced developers built the engine.

Together, we have the power to write great docs. To make them better than ever! Better than that of proprietary engines out there.

Join us on Discord

The sprint will happen on the official Discord server . Chris, Julian and I will take turns and be around for most of the day. Other contributors will join too.

Click here to Join the #documentation channel

Every little bit helps!

Drop by anytime and spend as little or as much time as you’d like. Every little bit helps. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a class or a few functions.

We’re looking forward to seeing you next Saturday!

Source: Godot Engine Official