By: Rémi Verschelde Aug 03, 2016

Despite its funky hairstyle, we were pretty happy with the state of Godot 2.1 RC1 already. Still, contributors haven’t stopped fixing bugs and adding some enhancements here and there while we were preparing our stable release announcement.

So to take into account the most recent changes and make sure that the stable release is as good as it can be, here’s a new release candidate that we believe will become Godot 2.1-stable within a week at most.

Check the 2.1 RC1 release announcement for more details about the 2.1 release as a whole. See here for the changelog since the previous release candidate.

Keep reporting the bugs you find! We expect that unless critical issues are brought up, we will release the current version as stable, but all reports will be useful for the bugfixing towards Godot 2.2 and probable 2.1.x maintenance releases.

Source: Godot Engine Official