By: Rémi Verschelde Jul 14, 2016

A bit less than 3 months ago, we made a call for contributors to help us work on filling the class reference. We got a handful of new documentation writers who did a great job, helping document some of the most important classes for the upcoming 2.1 release. Many of those improvements were backported to the stable 2.0 branch too and are available in the freshly released and on the online documentation already.

What’s the current status?

We all love some stats every now and then, so here are some numbers. Since our call for help, 900 methods have been documented, i.e. an increase by almost 50% compared to the previous status (2634 documented today vs. 1730 at the end of April)! It brings us short of 60% of completion on the methods’ side, which is arguably the most important one (constants or member variables often have self-explanatory names, though we will definitely document them all too little by little).

godot classref stats.png

We still need your help to reach 100%!

As you can see on the above graph, the progress has been impressive lately, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Sadly we’re still only a handful of contributors working on the documentation, so the work is huge.

If we can grow the team and get more regular contributors, this would reduce the load for everyone and we should be able to close the gap pretty fast.

To write documentation for Godot, you don’t have to be a power user, but mostly you need to have some time available. So if you do, please consider helping us with the effort! Check the previous blog post on this topic for all the details about the workflow. Note the link to the class reference status which shows the current progress and who’s working on what.

If you have any questions, get in touch with the Documentation team on Freenode IRC, channel #godotengine-doc.

Source: Godot Engine Official