By: Rémi Verschelde Jun 03, 2016

After the success of our previous game jam, which had been spontaneously organized by community members, we decided to start a new game jam for this month of June 2016.

As the previous one, it is an informal jam with relatively loose rules, and not much to gain apart from international fame within the Godot community and more experience with using our great engine! This is why this jam will run over three weeks, giving everyone plenty of time to expriment with the engine to create something new, beginners and experienced users alike.

Check the game jam’s page on

Jam theme and rules

The jam will take place from Saturday, June 4th 0:00 UTC to Monday, June 27th 23:59 UTC, i.e. for a bit more than three weeks (and four week-ends). It is hosted on

After an intense consultation with the community, we settled on Procedural as the jam’s main theme. Contestants are free to interpret it as they want, but keep in mind that your interpretation should be understandable if you want to get points for it.

We also propose an optional bonus theme, Only two colors, which can also be interpreted freely. You can decide to use this bonus theme together with the main theme if you want, but it is not mandatory. The contestants that use both themes will have a small bonus, but which shouldn’t create a strong disadvantage for contestants that did not use the optional theme.

Contestants can partake alone or as a team. Reusing existing code and assets is allowed.

Open source and educational

We see this jam as an opportunity for each community member to share their knowledge with other users, which is why we ask that all games developed for this jam are published with their source code and assets under open source licenses, thus helping build quality examples for new Godot users.

Of course jam participants are free to continue their game after the jam as a proprietary project if they want – only the jam version should be open source for the whole community to learn from it.

The minimum requirement for a valid jam entry is thus to provide the full source code to play the game; you are of course welcome to also post exported binaries for players that might not be familiar with running Godot projects from source.

Have fun!

The main purpose of this jam is to have fun together as a community of Godot users. If you are beginning with Godot, don’t hesitate to ask any question on our various community channels; there are no silly questions, so go ahead!

If you are more experienced, why not take this opportunity to try to discover new features of Godot that you might not be using yet (e.g. shaders, particles)? You may also use the current development version of Godot 2.1 to do some alpha-testing while working on your jam game.

Good luck everyone, and enjoy the jam!

Source: Godot Engine Official