By: Juan Linietsky Jun 11, 2015

Godot at RMLL 2015

Juan Linietsky, one of the main developers of Godot Engine will be giving a talk and a workshop about Godot Engine at RMLL 2015. As most of them reside in South America, this is a great opportunity for Europeans to learn about Godot, meet the developers and have the chance to go out for beers!

RMLL takes place in Beauvais, a city a little north of Paris, from July 4 to July 10.

The schedule will be:

  • Tuesday 7 July, 15:20: Introduction to Godot Engine (talk)
    Edit: The video recording of the talk can be viewed online.
  • The time and date of the workshop is TBA but should be the same or the next day.
    More information at the RMLL website.

Thanks enormously to the organization of RMLL for this invitation!

Godot in Paris

Juan will be having meetings in Paris the week from the 10 to the 17, so if you want to schedule a meeting with him (or just want to go out for beers), please contact him beforehand!

Spread the love!

If you have contact or work in the organization of technology, video game development or libre software events, and would like to bring one of the main Godot developers, also contact us. We are also working hard so everyone willing to give a talk in their local community can have access to the materials we use in our talks and workshops (please help us translate them to your native language!).

Source: Godot Engine Official