By: Juan Linietsky Dec 09, 2014

GamingPenguin from the forum is organizing a Winter Holidays Godot Game Jam! (Summer Holidays Game Jam for us in the southern hemisphere).

The rules seem to be (copied from the forum):

  • The game must be made with Godot
  • The game should have a Winter Holiday theme
  • You must enter using the entry thread here: (Coming Soon)
  • You must open source the full project, code and assets, Binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux are not required but would be very welcome
  • No Pornographic or offensive games
  • Games can be worked on by multiple people
  • One person can submit more than one game

This can be a nice chance to use or learn Godot for a little project and get to know the community better, as well as learning from the other projects.

The forum url is:

Please spread!

Source: Godot Engine Official