By: Juan Linietsky Dec 01, 2014

Godot website is back, and with a slight redesign. To say truth we were unsure about how long it was going to last after being hacked a few times, but it seems the latest changes, security patches and overall maintenance worked.
We are engine developers, not web developers, so securing hosted sites is definitely not our strong point.

After being open sourced back in February, Godot development went under. We got a lot of enthusiasm and positive feedback back them, but also a lot of bug and usability reports. The engine was stable for us and the handful other people that was using it at the time but, when exposed to so many new developers, all the flaws, bugs and general usability issues and lack of polish that remained shined in the sunlight. For months, we put priority to this and worked hard to solve most of them without trying to draw much attention. Finally, this work has paid off and we are close to finally announce our first stable release, Godot 1.0!

The source code has been stable for the few weeks, so at this point we are working on the tiny details and issues that remain. Welcome back to the website and let’s hope we can celebrate soon!

Source: Godot Engine Official